Rolling out a New Site!

It’s been a long time coming.  The new SplinterShop website is being designed with an all new look and room for new content.  Hopefully, by the time you found your way here, the site left its ugly behind.  Look for changes and enhancements in the weeks to come.  Ugly or not, I’m back online with!

My hosting provider graced me with a better hosting plan (I host 12 domains with them), bandwidth, disk capacity, and database capabilities for a lot less than what I had been paying.  Up until now, I’ve been hosting my domains on local servers and simply using my hosting provider as a DNS conduit to my sites.  With the new hosting plan, I can take advantage of moving my sites to new, managed servers at my hosting provider.  But heck, the old site design was, well, old.  It was bleeding-edge technology at the time, but now it’s simply old technology ready for a new platform.

The Splintershop site was temporarily taken down in 2014 after a continuous run since the domain was registered way back in 2001.  I took the site down for security reasons, as the blog technology was no longer supported and became vulnerable to hacks.  Meanwhile, I continued to do turning demos, do 1:1 classes, and post on the SplinterShop Facebook page.  People have been asking about when the main website will be returning, and here’s your answer!

The new site is being designed to run on top of a highly modified version of WordPress, a product I have run for many years on a few of my other sites.  It’s going to take awhile to get it setup the way I want, so be ready for a lot of different looks as I implement new features.  First, you’ll get some good content displayed on an ugly website.  That’s right, function over form for awhile.  Eventually it will look amazing.  I know it will be all worthwhile.

I hope you’ll like where this is going.