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Turning a Natural Edge Walnut Bowl – One of my signature bowls, the natural edge bowl lets the profile of the log become the rim of the bowl.  If the log has bark, then this type of bowl will have a thin rim of bark.  It’s a beautiful design, especially with the conic projection of the log cylinder into a new rim shape.

Green Wood Turning – There’s a bowl in that log, but it’s so green the sap is flowing out the end.  This series of articles describes the concepts and tricks of successfully turning freshly cut wood.  Hey, the wood’s often free for the asking, and big – go for it!

Centering and Aligning Wood Blanks – It’s important to carefully center and align the wood prior to turning in order to balance the shape and grain of the finished art.  This tutorial walks through a method I use to align blanks while creating bowls from logs.

Turning an Inside-Out Vase – Yes, we’re going to turn the inside of the sculpture first.  How, you say?  Read this to learn all the scoop.

Holding Wood for Turning – The first tenet of wood turning is we need to safely hold the blank for shaping.  Here are various ways to accomplish securing wood for turning.

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